remember when you used to be real secretive about reading smutty fanfiction and making sure you were the only one in the room and now you read that shit at the dinner table like it’s nothing

i’ve got a quiz everyday next week so i should study…but i’m not feelin’ that.

So, i just got an email from my boss, saying I’ll be paid $15/hour to go camping next weekend.


is it terrible that i don’t care if the cute purse i wanna buy is a knock off?

>went to Clinique to find an Estee dupe

>talked to the lady for 15 mins

>got 3 free samples of different types of foundations to “play with”

I guess today was successful, since makeup is basically part of my uniform at work and i need to find an alternative to Estee (which prices out to $1.50/ml). Clinique ($1.00/ml) could probably work with a bit of fussing around.


i’m so glad that pottermore might have a quiz to tell us what our patronous is so now i don’t have to spend the rest of my life wondering

idk i’ve just been feeling pretty good lately, like my life is coming together and it’s great. my job is awesome, school going well so far, the family is getting along. it just feels good, especially when compared to the shaky anxiety of last year.


spooky orientations for halloween:

  • lesbooan
  • zombi
  • aliensexual
  • ghostay
  • panskeletonual
  • homorobotmantic
  • straight